15 janvier 2024

DAQ & DUTIP discussion with Japanese SOI group

Speakers: Jerome Baudot (IPHC)

Participants: Akimasa ISHIKAWA, Miho YAMADA, Kenkichi MIYABAYASHI, Gilles CLAUS, Ajit KUMAR, Mathieu GOFFE, Jerome BAUDOT, Maciek KACHELZOOM: https://cern.zoom.us/j/63392751487?pwd=dGV3QUpKK2J4bEh0b3RiQ3JYeTd5dz09


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15 janv. 202416 janv. 2024

Début : 15/01/2024 à 14:00
Fin : 16/01/2024 à 17:00

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12 avril 2024

The World in Eleven Dimensions

Speakers: Alessio Marrani (Murcia) I will present, in an untechnical and formulas-friendly way, some of the cornerstones in the quest for a unified theory of Physics, from simple symmetries to eleven-dimensional M-theory.   https://indico.in2p3.fr/event/32300/