14 novembre 2023

First results from the FASER experiment

Speakers: Hidetoshi Otono

FASER, the ForwArd Search ExpeRiment, is an LHC experiment located 480 m downstream of the ATLAS interaction point along the beam collision axis. FASER is designed to detect TeV-energy neutrinos and search for new light-weakly-interacting particles produced in the pp collision at the LHC. FASER has been taking collision data since the start of LHC Run3 in July 2022. This talk will focus on giving an overview of the FASER detector and will also present our first physics results using a dataset collected in 2022, where we were the first to directly observe neutrino interactions at a particle collider experiment and also probed previously unconstrained phase space of the dark photon with couplings ϵ∼10−5−10−4 and masses ∼10 MeV – 100 MeV.


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14 novembre 2023, 15h0017h00
Amphi Grunewald (Bat 25)

Début : 14/11/2023 à 15:00
Fin : 14/11/2023 à 17:00

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