08 mars 2024

Insights from Reactor Antineutrino Experiments

Speakers: Loic Labit (LP2IB-CNRS)

The neutrino oscillation is one of the most puzzling examples of physics Beyond the Standard Model of particles. Despite the measurement of several parameters describing the oscillation phenomenon during the last decades, the oscillation phenomenon is not entirely characterised. In addition, anomalies concerning the rate and the shape of the reactor antineutrino energy spectrum have been unveiled.In this seminar, we will give the current status of reactor antineutrino experiments and see how these experiments help us improve our understanding of the neutrino.


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08 mars 2024, 15h0017h00
Amphi Grunewald (Bat 25)

Début : 08/03/2024 à 15:00
Fin : 08/03/2024 à 17:00

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