01 avril 2022

Latest results from Belle II

Speakers: Giulio Dujany (CNRS – IPHC)

The Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB energy-asymmetric e+ e− collider is a substantial upgrade of the B factory facility at the Japanese KEK laboratory. The design luminosity of the machine is 6×10^35 cm^−2 s^−1 and the Belle II experiment aims to record 50 ab^−1 of data, a factor of 50 more than its predecessor. With this data set, Belle II will be able to measure the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa(CKM) matrix, the matrix elements and their phases, with unprecedented precision and explore flavor physics with B and charmed mesons, and τ leptons. Belle II has also a unique capability to search for low mass dark matter and low mass mediators. In this presentation, we will review the status of the Belle II detector, the results of measurements with the first data collected and the prospects for physics at Belle II.


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01 avril 2022, 15h0015h40
Grünewald (Bât. 25)

Début : 01/04/2022 à 15:00
Fin : 01/04/2022 à 15:40

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