19 juin 2023

MasterClass Open Science and Scientific Publications

The French Physical Society (SFP) celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2023, with several associated events across France. Among them, the Publications and Open Science committee of the SFP, EDP Sciences and the Young Physicists Network of the SFP are organizing a Masterclass in several cities for PhD students to learn more about Open Science and scientific publications. The Alsace section of the French Physical Society will organise on June 19th and 20th 2023 a Masterclass featuring both lectures and interactive activities. The masterclass speakers will include physicists, chemical physicists, chemists, professionals involved in Open Science at the University of Strasbourg, as well as scientific publishers such as EDP Sciences. In the context of this masterclass, the following topics will be covered:Key steps of scientific publishing: (i) choice of journal, editorial process, economic models in scientific publishing, (ii) article writing process, (iii) peer review process, (iv) communication around an accepted publication. Online upload of preprints and of research data in open repositories, with their advantages. Services to help PhD students and researchers on the topic of open science locally


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19 juin 202320 juin 2023
Bat 25 - Amphi. Grunewald (IPHC)

Début : 19/06/2023 à 09:00
Fin : 20/06/2023 à 18:00

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