12 janvier 2024

Radioactive waste management: Insights into disposal of nuclear waste glass

Speakers: Haohan Zhang

The generation of nuclear power inevitably produces radioactive waste, necessitating safe and sustainable management. In France, highly-radioactive waste resulting from the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel is encapsulated in a borosilicate glass matrix for long-term deep geological disposal. This study investigates nuclear glass vapor hydration in unsaturated conditions, a crucial aspect for ensuring the long-term safety of geological repositories. The potential exposure of glass to unsaturated environments lasting tens of thousands of years underscores the significance of understanding this process.


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12 janvier 2024, 15h0017h00
Amphi Grunewald (Bat 25)

Début : 12/01/2024 à 15:00
Fin : 12/01/2024 à 17:00

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