23 mai 2023

Study of multipole resonances with ab initio interactions (Mikael FROSINI)

Speakers: Mikael Frosini (CEA/DES/IRESNE/DER/SPRC/LEPh)

 Recent advances in theory of nuclear structure open the way to the use of microscopic models of nuclei for evaluated data. These models are able to target within a single framework a large set of nuclei and predict coherently their structure properties. In particular, gamma-ray strength functions constitute a key ingredient of Hauser-Feshbach’s statistical model for the determination of the neutron capture (emission) cross section given that this physical process is in direct competition with the emission of a photon. In this talk we will show some applications of Quasi Random Phase Approximation (QRPA) method with « ab initio » interactions for the determination of strength functions, and discuss the limitations to overcome in the coming years.


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23 mai 2023, 10h3012h30
Salle Pistache (Bat 27)

Début : 23/05/2023 à 10:30
Fin : 23/05/2023 à 12:30

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