Biochemical applications of mass spectrometry – LSMBO

The BioOrganic Mass Spectrometry laboratory (LSMBO) belongs to the Institut Plurisciplinaire Hubert Curien (IPHC : of the University of Strasbourg. The LSMBO is hosting an IBiSA-certified proteomic platform (Strasbourg Grand Est Proteomic Platform) and is the Strasbourg node of the French Proteomic Infrastructure (ProFI). The LSMBO is a 30 year-experienced team in the structural study of peptides and proteins by mass spectrometry. The laboratory is renowned for developing new methods in proteomic analysis, bioinformatics and structural mass spectrometry for the analysis of protein/protein interactions in large complexes. Besides that, long term collaborations with several pharmaceutical companies cover topics such as full characterization of natural and/or recombinant proteins used in human therapy, toxicoproteomics, protein/drug interaction.
The LSMBO team develops innovative methodologies in chromatography, mass spectrometry (MS) and bioinformatics for :

  • Functional proteomic analysis for the identification and quantification of thousands of proteins in complex biological matrices (sample preparation, targeted (PRM) and global (DIA) quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis, statistical analysis and integration of multi-omics data).
  • Structural proteomic analysis for the characterization of either proteins alone or in complexes. The combination of native MS, mass photometry, ion mobility, H/D exchange and chemical cross-linking approaches followed by MS is applied to integrative structural biology projects.
  • Characterization of therapeutic proteins (monoclonal antibodies).
  • Interpretation of functional (Proline) and structural proteomic data.

The LSMBO hosts the Strasbourg Grand Est proteomics platform (PSGE) and is the Strasbourg node of the national Proteomics Infrastructure ProFI. The LSMBO is a partner of two TIT programs of the University of Strasbourg, IMS and TransplantexNG.

Scientifique coordinator: Sarah CIANFERANI

LSMBO Team members


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Bertile, F.; Plumel, M.; Maes, P.; Hirschler, A.; Challet, E.
Daytime Restricted Feeding Affects Day-Night Variations in Mouse Cerebellar Proteome
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